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Singles Weekend

The story for un-married people has been sort of cookie cutter the past few decades. Just go to college then start a career, right? What if the Bible actually had something to say to us about the way God intended for Singles to live? Maybe it’s not as cookie cutter as we thought... if that’s the case, what is it? And what is our role in the Kingdom of God?


At Singles Weekend we explore the different narratives laid out for the single life in Scripture and we dive into the practicality of what that means in our world today. You will walk away from Singles Weekend with a deeper understanding of the single life as a Mission and will start to explore what your Assignment is.

January 4th-6th 2019

Arrive at 3:00pm on the 4th

Leave at 11:00am on the 6th


Red River Gorge in a cabin. 

You will receive an address and instructions upon registration.


A time to learn and explore the Biblical narratives for singleness and our role in the Kingdom.

Create goals for your next year.


Because you are searching for a way to be single that serves the Lord and helps you grow. You want to know what your role is in the Kingdom


Limited to 12 participants.


Any un-married person graduated from High School up to your 30s!


The weekend is only $150.

This includes a 2 night stay, 4 sessions of content, all your meals.



A link to pay your $150 registration fee will be sent to you after we have received your application. 

For questions, contact us here.

Thanks! Message sent.

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